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Catalog of Tech-Bond products

Structural Adhesives
Surface Insensitive (SI) Cyanoacrylates
Tech-Bond Solutions offer three surface insensitive (SI), polymer- enhanced cyanoacrylates.  Tech-Bond's
SI Blue is our standard viscosity structural adhesive and SI Black is a thicker viscosity version of the same formula.  SI Blue spreads easily, wicks better, while SI Black being thicker is easier to control and, in come cases, handles moisture more easily.  

SI Green is a low viscosity product with excellent wicking characteristics.  Low viscosity CA's actually rate higher in tensile and shear strength than higher viscosity formulations.  For the technician ,or hobbiest, low viscosity CA's can be difficult to use because they do not spread as easily as higher grades do. 

SI Green, SI Blue and SI Black:

  • dry clear
  • remain flexible when bonding flexible materials
  • provide structural strength.
  • are guaranteed not to harden for two years
  • make repairs easy
  • are available in 3 gram (Blue only), 1 and 2 ounce sizes for individual users.  For companies, our Bonding Agents come in 8 and 16 ounce bottles, gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon drum and container sizes.  High volume users should call 877 565 7225 for pricing. 

Other Adhesives

BP Blue
The new solution for the problem of bonding polymers, those hard to glue plastics and space age materials.  A cyanoacrylate engineered to bond with polymer strings, quickly, easily and permanently.   Will also work with other substrates.

Rubber Toughened Cyanoacrylates
As the name implies, a rubber toughened cyanoacrylate is an adhesive with a rubber additive.   Our rubber toughened (RT series) offer:

  • Offer superior shock strength
  • higher resistance to  thermal cycling
  • have a greater temperature range than standard CA's
  • are available in either clear or black.
  • offer more flexibility than standard cyanoacrylates

Rubber toughened cyanoacrylates come in black or clear.  With Tech-Bond, the clear option for rubber toughened is a special order option.   Tech-Bond's RT300 is a medium viscosity bonding agent, while RT1000 has a medium-thick viscosity and RT 3500 has the thickest viscosity.          

Foam Safe Cyanoacrylates
Standard cyanoacrylates come with several problem areas, i.e., open cell foams melt, super-glues and CA's can have a noxious odor and most cyanoacrylates fog clear materials such as Plexiglas and clear plastics.  Tech-Bond's Foam Safe Bonding Agents work with open cell foams, have a greatly reduced odor and do not out gas, or fog, clear materials.  This not fogging characteristic is called low bloom.

Tech-Bond Foam Safe Cyanoacrylates include:
FS Blue
is a standard viscosity, low odor, low bloom cyanoacrylate that will not affect Depron®, styrenes and other open cell foams. 

Foam Safe 1000 - a medium-thick CA that has the same performance characteristics that Foam Safe 100 has.  It's thicker viscosity can make Foam Safe 1000 easier to use.

The downside of a foam safe CA is that they are not as strong as a standard cyanoacrylate.

Thread-locking fluids are thin, single-component adhesives which are applied to the threads of screws and bolts to prevent loosening, leakage, and corrosion. Typically, thread-locking fluids
cure anaerobically and are methacrylate-based.   Tech-Bond's Threadlockers include:

TL 42 offers medium torque resistance and is designed for allowing the removal of a bolt with hand tools.

TL 71 offers a high level of torque resistance and is designed for situations where the nut-bolt connection is designed to be permanent.

TL90 offers medium torque resistance.  TL90 is designed for for use on preassembled parts.

Applications for threadlockers include: appliances, general industry, hobby, construction, repair, transportation, maintenance, heavy machinery, aerospace and agricultural equipment.

In production environments, for large surface area applications and/or when absolute control is required, Tech-Bond's GEL is often the solution.  Our GEL's:

          provide structural strength

          come in 3 and 20 gram tubes and a larger 300 ml caulking tube. 

For more information, please call 877 565 7225.

Tech-Bond's line of structural grade epoxies are under development.

Acetone based (A/A)
          speeds cure of Tech-Bond Bonding Agents 

          can be used as a cleaner

          recommended for hard to glue substrates

Heptane based Activator/Accelerator (HA)  
          speeds the curing of Tech-Bond Bonding Agents

          is foam safe with a lower odor

          does not mar some finishes that our acetone based accelerators may damage.

Poly Prep
         Surface primer for polymers.  An adhesion promoter that allows Tech-Bond's structural adhesives to work with virtually all materials, such as polyethylene, UHMW's, silicone, Delrin(R), polypropylene, nylon, polyester, Teflon(R), polyurethane, polyester, etc., to be bonded. 

          Is clear, dries clear, does not damage most and 2 ounce bottles, our Bonding Agents are guaranteed not to harden for two years.

A silica sand compound that, combined with Tech-Bond's structural adhesives, allow holes and cracks to be filled.

Can be used with virtually all materials; wood, metal, fiberglass, plastic, ceramics, foam, composites, resins, etc.

If a screw strips out, the Filler can be used to fill the hole so the material can be drilled and tapped, anything from an engine block to a fiberboard table.

Ddesolves Tech-Bond Bonding Agents, all cyanoacrylates and super glues, etc., on contact.  

Generally safer on finishes than Acetone, the other "undo" chemical.

Pin Cap & Nozzle
Tech-Bond Solutions uses the most advanced delivery system available, the pin cap and nozzle, on out 1 and 2 ounce bottles.  With reasonable care, bonding agents will not clog, or crust up in the nozzle.

Aggressively wipe off the nozzle from top to bottom after each use.  If there is dried residue on the outside of the nozzle, use pliers to twist the residue from the nozzle.  When putting on the pin cap, don't over-tighten, turn cap till first resistance is felt.  

Free cap and nozzle available
If you run into problems with your cap and nozzle, Tech-Bond Solutions will send you a spare cap and nozzle free by simply emailing and requesting a cap and nozzle.  Please give name address and phone number.  Tech-Bond Solutions wants to ensure that you receive full value on every purchase.   
If you do have to replace your cap and nozzle, soak the old cap and nozzle in acetone for several days.  That immersion will remove the old bonding agent and you can reuse the cap and nozzle.


If there is a problem of any kind, or you are dissatisfied with any Tech-Bond product within the first thirty days after purchase, return the product for a 100% refund, or, if desired, a replacement.

Order Cost
Shipping Cost

     0 - $   40                     $  8.95 
 $ 40 - $   75                    $  9.95
 $75 - $ 200                    $ 10.95  
Above $200                         0

If there is a problem of any kind, or you are dissatisfied with any Tech-Bond product within the first thirty days after purchase, return the product for a 100% refund, or, if desired, a replacement.             



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